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The duration of the International Research Network (IRN) PrehCOAST is scheduled to run from 1 January 2019 to 31 December 2023 (5 years). Its constitution took place in the autumn of 2017; the formal organization begin in January 2018, in order – already – to build common actions and benefit from our current collective dynamic.

There are very formal meetings to discuss levels of discourse and to confront national research traditions (@Gregor Marchand).

The works of the network (IRN) will combine several types of actions:

  1. Regular organizational meetings to work on project-building, applications and external funding,
  2. Annual meetings/workshops (on topics from the different WPs),
  3. Exchange of researchers for collaboration on diverse case studies (sites/regions/topics),
  4. Publication of results in co-authored articles, exchange of researchers/students in field work, 5/ application to diverse international or national application.

Thematic meetings are the necessary preludes to the submission of research programs at national and international levels, to the definition of common fieldworks, but also to the co-direction of PhD thesis at transnational scales.

There are also field trips to really immerse yourself in the coastal landscapes in various parts of Europe (@Gregor Marchand).

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