About micromorphology….

The mission objective was to bring together the researchers working on aspects of site formation processes of coastal Mesolithic sites in Brittany, including existing samples from Hoedic (Morbihan), collected in the excavation seasons of 2019 at the archaeological site of Port-Neuf.

Hoedic 2021: micromorphological sampling in a Mesolithic layer by P. Arias (photo: G. Marchand).

For that, Dr. Carlos Simões stayed at the IUEM Brest, from Monday 21st to Friday 25th of November 2022, hosted by Dr. Marylise Onfray. Both micromorphology specialists, during the first two days, they carried out microscopic analysis of the existing micromorphological thin sections from Hoedic, producing the first descriptions as a basis for future analysis to conduct in coordination with the further members of the team working at the site.

In a one-day meeting, on the Wednesday 23rd, member of the GEOPRAS/PreCOAST specialists met at the IUEM to bring together data from several aspects of coastal geoarchaeological, geomorphological and geophysiscal research in Brittany, included that of Hoedic.

Shell Midden of Beg-an-Dorchenn: contemplation…

On Thursday 24th, a field trip was organised to the site of Beg-an-Dorchenn, in Pointe de la Torche (Finistère), where the remains of a Mesolithic shell midden is preserved, and aspects of coastal geomorphological dynamics and evolution could be observed.

On Friday 25th, a seminar was organized at the IUEM, with an introduction by Dr. Onfray, followed by a presentation of Dr. Simões titled “What is a shell midden? Microstratigraphic insights from Mesolithic sites in Iberia”, which closed the mission activities.

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